HSBC bank slashes jobs in the UK

April 24, 2013

In an effort to reduce cost, HSBC bank decides to shed 3,166 UK jobs. The job cuts are mostly from the wealth management division.

At present, HSBC has more than 47,000 employees across the United Kingdom.

“Be it any sector, everyone is here to make profits, and HSBC is not an exception. In every organization, only the best will have the chance,” says a business analyst from Coulson Organisation.

People complain that the bank made them suffer with the job cuts, but the market sources even tell that HSBC plans to fill in new positions and provide opportunities to displaced employees.

Well, let us hope for the best.


GM returns back to Facebook for Chevrolet

April 10, 2013

Everyone is on Facebook. Today, every company wants to build brand reputation through Facebook, be it companies from the Healthcare, Technology, Services and Financial, Utilities or any other sectors.

The social networking platform is popular with just everyone. No wonder, General Motors is back again for advertisements on mobile versions of Facebook.

“The automaker publicly announced its decision to stop advertising on Facebook before, stating the website advertisements had little impact on consumers”, corroborates a business marketing executive from Cornerstone Advertising.

He adds, “This time, the automaker will use the Facebook mobile platform for Chevrolet car advertisements”.


A season of JOB CUTS in the BANKING sector

February 13, 2013

After UBS, Commerzbank and Barclays, it did not surprise anyone when people heard about job cuts in the Dutch Bank ING.

“Job security is vital for everyone. It seems people no longer crave for jobs in the banking sector”, says Harold from a Singapore based direct marketing company Redwoods Advance. Read the rest of this entry »


Linda Woolley to lead DMA

January 22, 2013

Linda A. Woolley is the new President and CEO of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), which works toward the needs of data-driven marketers.

She briefly served these positions (President and CEO) from May 2012 and made some changes in the world’s largest trade association, including stabilizing the financial system, and DMA’s mission.

Matt Blumberg (the Chairman of the DMA’s board of Directors) said – DMA is in the best of hands, under the leadership of Linda.

“Linda has even served the role of Executive Vice President and directed Washington operations for the association”, adds Bernard from ANB Promotions.

Best of luck, Linda!


Hitachi to discontinue CHIPS

December 7, 2012

Hitachi Ltd plans to stop production of chips (used in information and telecoms hardware) by 2014.

The Japanese firm took this decision, to enhance cost efficiency and competitiveness in business.

On November 2012 the Tokyo-based company acquired Horizon Nuclear Power Ltd.! With this acquisition, Hitachi Ltd now looks forward to new nuclear plants, in the United Kingdom.

Now, let me move on to other Asia markets and financial news, starting from Redwoods Advance.


Identify Your Brand- How?

November 26, 2012

Stand out from the rest of crowd is always a dream of every marketer. If someone asks ‘how do you identify your brand’s secret recipe?’ The easiest approach would be to never blabber about your brand. To consider your brand as strong, follow the four key areas through which you can identify the secret sauce.

Daily you may come across a number of brands/names, but people should be able to recognize you from your name/brand. Many marketing/direct marketing companies like Oracle Advertising have clients known more by their brand names. Brands help people/consumers to recognize the right one from among many other similar products and even fakes.

The following are key points about brands:
1. Your brand attributes are your characteristics and unique qualities.
2. Your brand strengths are your gifts and talents.
3. Your brand promise is what you guarantee people will receive when working with you.
4. The brand essence is really the heart and soul of your brand.

Once you are successful in identifying and combining each of these areas, you will not have to look back.


Word of Mouth Marketing to Next Level with Social Commerce!

September 3, 2012

Who do not mind doing marketing for brands if they get paid?  Do not be mistaken this marketing as the usual kind which requires to meet targets. It is the pure word of mouth marketing.

The emergence of social commerce has taken word of mouth marketing to its next level by rewarding friends who go online to recommend products and services with cash, discounts and offers.

Brands and companies like Redwoods Advance have always believed that consumers have the power of recommendation, but a new age of the word of mouth is seeing a raft of fresh ways to encourage consumers to spread the message where they  get paid to do so.

This new word of mouth marketing not only allows the consumer to take control of the brand message, it also lets people make a commission from selling products.


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